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On Twitter …

A lot of people are asking themselves: “So what is twitter and why is it so essential for me to be a part of it?” Well besides the fact that all your friends are doing it and you succumb to peer pressure easily, it’s where people are talking about you and your brand, if you listen. 

I recently gave a presentation to my organization about how we currently use twitter. I think that these 4 ways we use it can be applied to how your company can use it to connect and engage with your audiences. 


One of the most important ways that my organization uses twitter is to listen to what people are saying about what’s happening in the education world. Twitter is great because you can listen to what’s happening in your focus area without participating in the conversation if it’s not relevant to you. 

Listening is also a great way to see who’s talking about you, who’s talking about your products, and who’s talking about your industry. One way you can make listening in on conversations easier is by using a social media management system like HootSuite or TweetDeck to set up keyword searches for topics you’re interested in. This allows you to follow all the people who are talking about a certain subject without necessarily following them on Twitter. 


The next important step after listening to different conversations on Twitter is to connect to people’s who’s ideas you like and want to engage with. Connecting with a user can be as simple as favoriting one of their tweets, replying to one of their tweets to them letting them know that we’re listening and in this together, following them, or retweeting one of their tweets to them to our followers to know that what they’re talking about, we’re also talking about. This is an important step in building your network of Twitter followers.  Think of the connecting step as introducing yourself to a stranger at a networking event. 

Having a Conversation

Once you’ve taken the steps to listen and connect to people whom you would like to talk to. Engage them in conversation, Twitter is one giant conversation, and as long as you have something of value to add, people will respond. A good way to have conversations is by participating in a tweet chat, here’s a list of tweet chats sorted by subject and day of the week. Participating in a tweet chat is also a good way to grow your audience by connecting to people in your industry.


Sharing is one of the most important aspects of social networks. On Twitter is the aspect to the ease of sharing content is a great way to establish yourself as an expert. Whether that be sharing blog post you wrote or other content that you feel your followers may find helpful. If I see something that I think my followers would be interested in, I never hesitate to share it. The main types of content that my organization shares on Twitter is not always directly related to content we produce, when you’re sharing you have to remember that Twitter is more about connecting with others than it is with promoting yourself. People that only push out articles and content about themselves are less valuable to the community than those who share content from others. 

While Twitter is a great place to push out a lot of information, it also happens to be one of the drawbacks, if you don’t pace yourself, you could get sucked into the information vortex and overload yourself. 

I hope that these quick and dirty Twitter tips help you start on the process to engaging with your networks!

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